About me 


I am a Sydney-based photographer located in the sunny Northern Beaches.

Firstly, I am a photographer and so my photos will tell you more about who I am and what I love than any words will say. Secondly, I love capturing the emotion of unscripted moments and that's why I am a photographer. 

On both my mum's and my dad's side we had artists. My mum paints and so did her father. At my nan's house on my dad's side, we had oils and canvases peppering my grandparents' house.

So naturally I never drew.

It took me years to realise that I needed to express myself creatively and tell stories. I studied Latin and Ancient Greek at Oxford University and thought this expression would come from writing having studied the Greats, but then I had a dying urge to capture a sunrise exactly as I saw it or to take a photo of my friends that they genuinely liked. I realised that my creativity came in images and not words so much. It gave me an addictive joy to see the happiness that my photos brought to other people and I just wanted to take more.

I like shooting people because you never know what is going to happen or what people are going to do. Even though a wedding is an orchestrated event, you know nothing. Every child, couple, family and landscape you photograph is completely different. I hate telling people what to do, I hate being in the way but I love capturing moments as they happen. I'm not conventional, I like to be your friend rather than your photographer.

What's my favourite photo? The one that I am going to take tomorrow.

We may be a good match for each other. Let's find out if we are.

Photo credit: Tim McGuigan