About me 


I am a Sydney-based photographer located in the sunny Northern Beaches, but have travelled all over the world with my wedding photography. Published in Cosmo Bride and Hello May to name a few. 

My photos will tell you more about who I am and what I love than any words will say. I love capturing the emotion of unscripted moments and that's why I am a photographer. 

I like shooting people because you never know what is going to happen or what people are going to do. Even though a wedding is an orchestrated event, you know nothing. Every child, couple, family and landscape you photograph is completely different. I hate telling people what to do, I hate being in the way but I love capturing moments as they happen. I'm not conventional, I like to be your friend rather than your photographer.

What's my favourite photo? The one that I am going to take tomorrow.

We may be a good match for each other. Let's find out if we are.

Photo credit: Tim McGuigan