Annamarie, Shaun, Jamieson and Felix!!

I met Annamarie, Shaun, Jamieson and Felix early on a Sunday morning. We had a previous false start due to the rain that swept through Sydney over the course of a couple of weeks, but the rain clouds parted and we were all excited to finally be meeting and ready to have some fun. Fun it was. We play around the boats, we played on the beach, at a boathouse and on a jetty. Annamarie has worked in advertising for many years and Shaun is a very talented TV producer and I think anyone would feel intimated to meet them and take their photos (knowing their own way around a camera) but they were lovely, kind, warm, chatty and just so friendly. I loved hanging out with them. Jamieson and Felix were just gorgeous. I hope that these photos capture the family's energy and their love. There were so many photos to choose from for the blog and I struggled to decide which ones to put up, but here is a selection. This is an awesome family and people who have them in their lives are very lucky indeed.