Jess, Gabi and Ari the Rockstar!

Ari is 6 months old and already a total rockstar. Ari has craniosynotosis. Craniosynotosis is a condition in which one or more of the fibrous structure in an infant skull prematurely fuse by turning into bone.  In Ari's case this has happened not only once, but four times. Jess and Gabi call him their overachiever as most don't fuse until your early 20s. Despite everything that Jess, Gabi and Ari have faced and are facing, they are genuinely some of the most lovely people you will meet and there is just so much love and joy in their family unit and these photos show it. I guess no one ever knows how they will react when adversity shows its face but I know one thing - I want Jess, Gabi and Ari on my team. 

Ari has some pretty big surgery coming up in Adelaide in March, but he's going to be more than fine because he's a rockstar and an overachiever. I can't wait to see Ari again after he's smashed his surgery because there is a lot more playing in the sand and water to do! 

Thank you for letting me into your world and asking me to capture your special moment.