Kapil, Deepika, Arnav and Ansh

I met Kapil, Deepika, Arnav and Ansh on a perfect Sunday morning. Perfect because it wasn't too hot, too windy or too cloudy, but it was just warm enough with a light breeze and the right amount of cloud to hide the bright glare of the sun. The light kissed the beach and danced in the leaves. We wandered around chatting, playing and snapping. Those boys have energy and adventure! When they had found one spot to play in and I had just caught up with them, then they were already onto discovering a new play spot! One time I looked up and found Arnav to have clambered up a rocky face and was smiling and waving down from the cliff above. So we followed his lead and went and took some photos up there. Another moment the local statue became a climbing frame which made for the most gorgeous and spontaneous photo of the two. Then Arnav pulled out his Batman hat and that just made the morning. If I had a Batman hat, then I would wear it all the time too! Sigh, I can only wish. Perhaps that is on the Christmas list! Kapil and Deepika are lovely and they have brought up two very kind, well-natured and adventurous boys! It was a pleasure to spend the morning with them. Here is a selection of some of my favourites.